Monday, August 18, 2008

Florida is very humid this time of year!

We got the Hot Fudge Sundae Blues!

(See the book title)

We came to Florida for Josh's friends wedding, where he was the best man, oh what a wonderful time we have had. Jeremy and Tara have been so hospitable as well as his parents. We went to the rehearsal dinner, a huge cookout at their home, with fish and everything you can imagine, even 4 cakes! We sat by the pool and hot tub under the stars, with candles everywhere and reminisced about when the boys first played ball together at the high school, and how close they had been all these years. Through everything, these two had hung together. Jeremy has grown into a wonderful young man and he and Tara have been together for years! They looked very beautiful together, and some amazing things happened! I saw macho Jeremy on one knee awaiting his bride as her father brought her down the aisle, never dreamed of seeing that! Such a sweet man he has turned out to be! The wedding was lovely the dinner after a treat, and the dancing was absolutely the best! We suddenly came to the realization of what was missing in out lives these days, we never go out and dance or have fun anymore.

We need a fleet reserve where we can go once a week and just meet some people and dance. Kevin cannot do much dancing, but I can, I even did the twist with my son! I loved it and so did he!! And the electric slide, and hand jive and macarena, and some new electric slide, I am going home and getting my dirty line dancing tapes out and that is my new exercise regime! Yes, I said dirty line dancing, they are a little more tush push than normal!

I am knitting socks daily, working on my Victorian shawl, and just enjoying being here in Pensacola in my camper. Every thing looks wonderful at the house and Kevin actually had nothing to complain about!

We went to Joan and Dennis's and they have a baby caique, she is adorable, I may trade Zorro for one! Seriously, he bit me again at Tana's!! Laura is afraid of him, so is the rest of the family, I need a bird that will be friendly to everyone, and everyone will love. I am tired of these animals that cause so much havoc in our family, Greer hates men, Pea bites everyone, Zorro bites everyone, it causes a lot of stress!! Stephanie came to see us today and he bit her too!!

I am going to suggest we lighten our load and ask Joan to ask her friend if she would be interested in a trade for Zorro, either a caique or a little cockatoo, a Goffin. Either one would suit me fine. I shall talk to Joan about it, and see if she knows anyone who would trade with me.

I shall go and see if I can complete my socks and start a new pair today, pics to follow as soon as I get home, I forgot to bring my card reader! Darn it!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008